About the Frame


Echoing timeless stained glass windows, The Little Big Sun Illuminated Frame is an innovative way to display your art. Oozing originality it offers versatility and style in both art and lighting adding a new dimension to your surroundings making a subtle yet daring statement.

This unique frame has concealed LED lighting.  The glass image is inserted into a slot at the top of the frame and slides effortlessly along the side grooves, resting in a groove at the bottom keeping the image fully secure in place. 
The LED lights illuminate the glass, highlighting the art with a smooth, even, flicker-free performance.

Smooth grooves within the frame allow image to be easily inserted or removed

Due to ease of use, glass images can be removed and replaced with alternative images as your collection expands. 
Darker images give out lower light and conversely, lighter images give out more light, allowing you to change images to alter room lighting and create the exact atmosphere desired.

Comes with a choice of non-dimmable and dimmable for full control of lighting and effect.



The choice of image will always be dependent on the individual and the statement to be made but it is important to understand differences between lighter and darker images and the best room settings for each.

Lighter colours give out a greater amount of light making them suitable as additional room lighting.  For these we recommend the addition of a dimmer switch giving you full control of light output. 
Darker colours are more subtle.  Images with a dark background will enhance the central feature whilst creating a more subtle lighting effect.

Used as a single light source in a hallway they make an unique impression on entry.  Both lighter and darker images are suitable, depending on the size of the hallway.
In a larger room lighter images can be both single or additional light sources whilst darker images work better in recesses or corners.

Our team are happy to advise you on your image selection.


The frame is available in 3 sizes:

300mm x 300mm

600mm x 600mm

600mm x 300mm

All images are available in 300 x 300mm and 600 x 600mm except where our gallery shows those available only in 600mm x 300mm.   

Please contact us if you require a larger frame size.



Each frame is individually created by a bespoke craftsman to the highest standard providing a simple stylish finish, allowing your art to emerge without competition.  The frame is designed to be free standing or secured on the wall.



Sustainable Tulip wood is employed due to its attractive, durable features, subtle texture with mellow cream to light green colouring and smooth finish.
Thanks to its carbon sequestration and carbon storage and its abundance and rapid growth, harvesting does not harm the forests.


We offer a service to replace the illumination section when it reaches full lifespan (30,000 hours), meaning your frame will last ad infinitum, keeping the carbon forever captured.



Our cutting-edge and energy-efficient lighting solution features advanced anti-discoloration technology and a flicker-free design, providing a reliable and visually pleasing lighting experience delivering an impressive 3600 lumens boasting 3-5000k Colour Temperature

Cool White expertly replicates the refreshing light of early morning, promoting enhanced concentration, heightened energy levels, and improved focus.  Recommended for darker images.

Warm White beautifully mimics the gentle glow of late afternoon light, creating a serene and calming ambiance that is perfect for enhancing relaxation.  Recommended for lighter images.

Dimmable switch option allows you to vary the light.

See here for full specification on lighting.


Simply select the image of your choice, decide the size and select dimmable or non-dimmable.
You can also upload your own image.  Minimum resolution size is 5Mb for 300 x 300 and 8Mb or higher for 600 x 600.

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