The illuminated way to display your art.

BLUE BLUES by Josette Carroll
BLUE BLUES by Josette Carroll
Grooves allow slides to be easily replaced

LITTLE BIG SUN frames offers an exciting new way to display your art. Inspired by stained glass windows and hand crafted to the highest standards, the frame is powered by concealed LED backlight illuminating a removable glass slide which can display any image of your choice. 

Combining both art and lighting you become the creative director in your own home or workplace.

The LED light features advanced anti-discoloration technology and a flicker-free design, providing a reliable and visually pleasing lighting experience.  It gives out 3600K – 6000K Lumens and has an average lifetime of 30,000 hours.

Each toughened iron glass slide of 4mm width has polished edges and corners, ensuring durability and safety. It can be simply removed and replaced allowing you to change your art to suit your mood.

Each frame is individually created by bespoke craftsmen from sustainable tulip wood, producing a simple yet sophisticated surround to enhance your art.